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Samana is a place of peace and tranquillity, which allows the outside world to fade away and for you to find solace from the busy world we live in today.


The word Samana comes from the ancient language of India known as Sanskrit. It means ‘balance within’. In Yogic philosophy, it is used to describe one of the five major ways in which Prana (energy, breath or life-force) flows through our body. It brings nourishment and balance to the body and governs digestion and assimilation primarily and all emotions connected with the centre of the body.


Whether you are a busy professional or sportsiStock_000001738011_Smallx person looking for a suitable centre to provide reliable pain relief, to help combat stress or you are just looking for a relaxing therapeutic massage to wind down a little and ‘just be’… Samana is the place for you!


Nestled in the shopping centre in the delightful neighbourhood of Ballycummin Village in Raheen in County Limerick away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Samana is a place of peace and tranquillity.


Experience high-quality, professional treatments that will benefit you and your lifestyle forever.

Sorry! You just missed our latest offer! :(

We continuously offer Loyalty cards, whereby you can earn a Complimentary massage or treatment after only 5 visits!


T’s& C’s apply.

Please inquire with one of our therapists.


Check out our loyalty card system on your next visit!

We continue throughout the year to offer complimentary massage treatments on our Loyalty Card system. Make sure to pick up your card!
*Applies to 1hr plus treatments only. Offers/discounts do not apply to our loyalty system.