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Baby Massage


So you’ve had your new baby, congratulations! And maybe you have heard about Baby Massage along the way or perhaps a friend of yours may have tried it.


“It’s supposed to be great for your baby” you hear from many people.


So what is it all about?


What are the benefits of Baby Massage?baby-massage-class

Baby Massage (Infant Massage known also) allows you to connect on a deeper level with your baby.


It helps you understand your baby’s nonverbal language and respond with love and respectful listening.


Massaging your baby simply communicates love and helps bonding to occur through nurturing touch.


It releases tensions from their constant growing tiny bodies. Think about the rapid movement you see in a newborn’s legs at the beginning, this leads to tired and often aching muscles in their legs and feet.


Their developing muscles are working hard and gaining strength day by day which sometimes creates growing pains all around their body. Massage soothes and heals these discomforts and settles your baby.


Baby Massage stimulates the many developing systems of a baby’s body. Just to name two of the most important ones; the nervous system: calming hyperactivity and hypersensitivity to touch, bringing a general sense of calm to their existence. The digestive system: promoting smooth movement in digestion, reducing wind and aiding in elimination.


Baby Massage helps soothe teething pain


And reduces symptoms of Colic


Baby Massage encourages growth of connections between neurons in the cells which improve the development of baby’s brain


Promotes the use of all the senses and teaches baby non-verbalinfant-massage-holistic-treatment2 communication


Clinical evidence shows that loving, touching, nurturing contact between caregiver and infant has an important impact on their development.


The list of benefits from you massaging your baby is truly endless, so there are much more.


Let us look at where it began thousands of years ago …


The History of Infant Massage


Although it seems like a “new fad”, Infant Massage is far from this. The art of Infant Massage is an ancient tradition throughout many cultures in the world which is being rediscovered in the West. It was traditionally a custom of many cultures passed on from generation to generation. Many cultures still practise it today such as in parts of India where they use Ayurvedic healing methods, China, many tribes in Africa, Iceland and Sweden to name a few.


However many family customs of our ancestors were turned aside in the early twentieth century in the interest of “progressing” but are now returning to us, as modern science rediscovers the importance they hold to our infants’ well-being and communities on the whole.



What to expect…


Classes meet once a week for five weeks and run consistently throughout the year.


The classes are designed for parents, grandparents or other caregivers and their babies.


The classes are more suitable for babies from birth to pre-crawling.


Participants massage their babies whilst being guided through a step-by-step massage routine.


The routine is a carefully balanced combination of Swedish massage, Indian massage and Reflexology.


Each participant receives individual attention.


Classes include relaxation techniques and talks on issues such as crying, sleeping and bonding.


All participants receive handouts, massage oil and refreshments.


One-to-one sessions also available.


” Remember you may be covered by your health insurance for Baby Massage Classes. Reclaim up to 80% depending on level of cover.”
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Remember you may be covered...

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