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Cancer Care massage


Research into the use of complimentary therapies for people with a cancer iStock_000012128393_Smallxdiagnosis, suggests that they can aid in the reduction of stress levels, improve coping skills and encourage a sense of well being. Massage can help reduce stress, anxiety and pain in people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Many people find that massage brings a temporary feeling of well-being and relaxation. It is also used to relieve stiffness and increase mobility.

During the massage session, therapists use their hands to manipulate the body’s muscles and soft tissue. Each session is adapted to the health and needs of the individual.

GP or Oncologist consent is required before appointments can be scheduled. Comfort-orientated massage or touch can be offered to people with cancer, regardless of the stage of their illness.



What to expect on your first visit to Samana for Cancer-Care Massage

Before treatment, your therapist will provide a full consultation, asking you various questions about your health and lifestyle, to ensure treatment is right for you. Treatments usually take place on a massage table or couch, though it is possible sometimes to perform the massage treatment while seated in a chair, if necessary. If the treatment involves the therapist directly massaging your skin, a nourishing oil or cream-based product will generally be used to provide a free-flowing massage, and sheets or towels carefully placed to ensure your modesty and keep you warm and comfortable throughout the treatment.

Complementary therapies are perceived as a supplement to, but not a substitute for conventional medical care. Therapies are used to promote natural healing in the body and create a sense of well being for the person. The focus is on strengthening the health of the individual.


Important questions surrounding Cancer and Massage

Can Massage Spread Cancer?

No, it cannot. Massage of a solid tumour site should be avoided, but there is more to a person than a tumour site. An old myth warned that massage could, by raising general circulation, promote metastasis since tumour cells travel through blood and lymph channels. We now recognize that movement and exercise raise circulation much more than a brief massage can, and that routine increases in circulation occur many times daily in response to metabolic demands of our tissues. In fact, physical activity usually is encouraged in people with cancer; there is no reason to discourage massage or some form of skilled touch. Massage is practiced widely in many Cancer Care facilities around Ireland. Metastasis is not a concern; instead, patients and researchers report countless benefits.



How can Massage Benefit People who are living with cancer?

Massage has many benefits for people living with cancer. The findings have come from clinical observations, controlled research, and some from what clients tell us directly.

  • Massage Reduces Anxiety
  • Massage Eases Pain
  • Massage helps control nausea; gentle massage may be a viable, low-cost approach to minimizing this difficult side-effect of medication.
  • Massage Improves Sleep and Eases Fatigue.

Many clients give feedback such as the fact that massage increases their energy levels, improves their sleep quality, and clients in cancer treatment are no exception. But sleep can be especially hard to come by during cancer treatment, and cancer fatigue is common and poorly understood—a difficult symptom to treat. People in treatment, often with a high degree of symptom distress, are especially in need of good sleep. At least one study shows massage facilitates sleep. 



What is the cost?

All therapies besides the Samana Recovery or the Thai Herbal Poultice Massage are offered at the same cost as listed under ‘Therapy Pricelist’ however the treatment is altered as necessary. The herbal treatments are to be avoided during cancer treatment. 

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