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You are in for a real treatand about time right?


What a wonderful time this is for you ~ Your body will go through so much change over the coming months and it can be done with a lot more ease, with the help of regular Pregnancy massage (or Prenatal massage).


Undoubtedly, there will be times when you are not sleeping comfortably, certain parts of your body will ache and you might suffer hormonal swings. All these added together can sometimes lead to both your mind and body becoming a little stressed. This is perfectly normal when you think of all the extra weight-gain and how your centre of gravity starts to shift to make room for that tiny little being growing inside. This will put extra pressure on your lower back and legs too, it’s no wonder so many pregnant women can feel a little out of sorts!


Pregnancy Massage (full body)

(90 mins)


Our specialized Pregnancy Massage is designed toimages-(18) care for your needs throughout the different stages of pregnancy. Our therapists aim to provide relief from common issues which occur throughout the entire time; such as lower back pain, sciatica, shortness of breath, nausea, leg cramps, oedema (fluid retention) and our therapists are professionally trained in using specific techniques which help with labour preparation. This full body massage will relieve many discomforts during this special time and will also have positive calming effects for baby too!



 Upper Body Bliss

 (45 mins)


A wonderful upper body massage taking specific care of the important areas such as your back, tummy (at your discretion) neck, shoulders, face & head. The treatment focuses on the muscle groups responsible for the support of the growing tummy,  improvement on breathing, where the lungs and chest areas become more restricted for the mother as baby grows, along with pure relaxation – essential for Mum-to-be.



 Lighter Feet

  (30 mins)


During pregnancy, your legs and feet play iStock_000011968899_ExtraSmalla very important role. They carry excess weight-gain from the body and your growing baby. Our treatment helps to reduce oedema from the legs by using specific techniques. This is essential to increase your mobility and make your pregnancy a more enjoyable experience!


It is light but powerful work and works really well.



 Stressless Mind

 (30 mins)


Preparing for the birth of your baby can sometimes bring along it’s own anxieties. It is for this reason we have created this wonderful treatment to help calm and soothe your worries. Focusing on the muscles surrounding the face, head and neck, this head massage releases a tight scalp and softens the muscles of the jaw, which tend to hold on to tension. This is an extremely relaxing treatment if you like a good head massage, which you can indulge in throughout your pregnancy and rightly so. You can also request the use of heated coconut oil in the hair for added luxury.



 Post Natal Massage



After your baby is born, it is as important to take care of yourself as well as your little pride and joy. Massage is one of the ultimate ways you can help your body recover and heal itself.

Enjoy a full body massage tailored to suit your needs depending on your stage of recovery.

This treatment aims to reduce fluid-retention (often occurring post partum), relax muscles which have become tightened from the build up towards giving birth and works on the abdomen to promote healing and recreate elasticity to lessen stretch-marks.

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