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Stressless Mind



The most amazing head, facial and SAMANA-2-1182neck massage ever! We cover the muscles groups of the entire head and neck which retain tension from day-to-day stress. Recommended for those who grind their teeth, suffer from sinus problems, tension headaches, migraine, over-thinking or anxiety. It really is amazing for everyone who simply enjoys a good head massage.

Samana 30



This particular massage is the shortest of our treatments, lasting just a half hour. It targets specific tension-built areas of the back, neck and shoulders and is the perfect ‘quick-fix’ when time is limited such as on your lunch break. This makes a great weekly treatment, especially during a stressful time in life.

Samana 45



The perfect short treatment, with a little more time allowing for the most amazing head massage. This treatment extends to forty-five minutes and takes care of the muscle groups in your head, back, neck and shoulders, leaving you feeling revived, recuperated and ready to face the world again.

Samana Essential



This is a popular one – a massage which takes care of your back, head & feet. Ideal if you haven’t quite got the hour to spare but it soothes the three most common areas in the body which gather most tension. It’s a good one!

Samana Recovery



A really unique Thai treatment using a herbal poultice-like compress. This thoroughly relaxing treatment focuses on the face, head, back, neck and shoulders and leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Indian Head Massage



Indian Head Massage is a wonderful treatment based SAMANA-2-1362on ancient Ayurvedic traditions in massage. The techniques involved work the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp through to the hair completing with the face.

It includes pressure applied to important marma points on the face and energy healing of the associated chakras. You should instantly feel the release of tension, leaving you feel much lighter and ultimately relaxed.

Gently warmed coconut oil is applied to the scalp to nourish the hair, relieve tension and increase circulation. This treatment is perfect for tension headaches, jet lag, exhaustion and fatigue.

Holistic Reflexology



Holistic Reflexology is a therapy that heals the body through the feet. It differs from traditional Reflexology in that it is more gentle, however extremely powerful. Therapists work on rebalancing the energy fields in the body. The healing is based around the chakras or energy centres in the body and through the layers of the aura.

It is a very powerful therapy with amazing healing benefits. It would need to be experienced to understand it’s potential.

Full Body

Swedish Massage



The classic Swedish massage incorporates long fluid strokes and invigorating techniques of varying depth from light to medium pressure to enhance the body’s natural functioning. During the treatment you will experience various percussion style movements to warm up muscle tissue, releasing tension, completing the treatment with effleurage to soothe and heal.

This relaxing treatment helps reduce pain, improves circulation and will melt any stress away.

Extended Swedish Massage


Samana Signature Massage




An original massage exclusive to Samana, tailored to suit every individual. Consisting of many techniques taken from various massage-styles around the world, the signature massage is recommended for those who prefer generally smooth massage along with deep-pressured work. It can also be suitable for sports people, since the main focus is to surface deep muscle pain and revert muscles to feeling supple and healthy again and therefore help prevent injury.

Sports Massage




Our Sports Massage is used by athletes to optimize their training and event performance. It involves techniques to stretch, mobilize, revive and maintain the structures of the body placed under the intense demands of athletics. Whether you are a professional athlete or perhaps you just enjoy playing sports for fun, sports massage is an essential component both pre and post event and throughout intensive training. It has been shown to reduce recovery time from workouts by assisting the elimination of metabolic waste. It decreases the chances of injuries by stretching muscles and mobilizing joints. It reduces DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness and increases flexibility to prevent rigidity settling into your muscles. Our therapists advise and help athletes with specific areas of difficulty in the body which may be discovered throughout their training.

Thai Herbal Poultice Treatment




A traditional Thai therapy dating back to war times, when soldiers used a poultice filled with healing herbs to treat wounds to treat injuries. It developed into a specific therapy using different herbs such as camphor and menthol for soothing sore muscles. It involves pressing a steamed poultice into the muscles along specific pressure points alternating with massage to help release tensions. It is thoroughly enjoyable!

Extended Thai Herbal Poultice Treatment


Head-to-Toe Massage



Treat yourself to a complete new you! This SAMANA-2-1612amazing treatment is so unbelievably therapeutic, you will feel like someone hit the ‘Refresh’ button. The full body treatment completes with a revitalising facial and head massage that you won’t forget!

Thai Body Oil Massage



De-stress and unwind with this unique combination of Thai Massage techniques including Royal Thai massage (pressure points done over the towel), passive stretching to create more flexibility along with a full body massage. Recommended for a completely exhausted body, for those who are feeling wound-up or highly-strung.

LaStone Therapy®



A truly unique treatment using deep-pressured techniques along with smooth hot Basalt stones, to clear away any superficial pain in the muscles, followed by cold Marble stones to surface deep muscle-pain. Alternating in this way brings the body to another level of relaxation. This geo-thermal therapy (alternating between hot & cold) is very effective on many of the body’s systems, in particular it enhances vasodilation for improved circulation. LaStone Therapy® is known to boost energy in the days following because of the use of natural stones.

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