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Aishling O’Keeffe is the founding director of Samana and is a highly qualified Massage Practictioner with a wealth of knowledge. Working intuitively and powerfully to soothe aches, pains and areas of stress in the body; Aishling knows what is best for the muscles. Graduating from Foxhall Therapy College, Limerick in 2004 Aishling found herself on the correct path in life as she discovered a strong passion for anatomy, physiology, wellbeing and how the mind and body work so closely together. Aishling continued her studies over the years while she travelled. With an impressive resume displaying many high-end Spas around the world where she gained her experience, such as the Saville Park Suites Spa in Darwin, Australia, Buff Day Spa and Mandala Spa at LaStampa Hotel both in Dublin. Having experienced working in a health clinic for many years also she decided to create her own practice once moving back to her hometown of Limerick.

Although Aishling’s clients vary from person to person ie: from sports people for maintaining flexibility to elderly people for relaxation, to busy parents in need for time out and also children accompanied by their parents for pain relief of growing limbs, almost half of her time is dedicated to women during their pregnancy. She is very passionate about trying to improve this special time during a woman’s life, which can often be quite difficult. Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage are a large part of what Aishling offers.


Aishling is a certified Infant Massage Instructor and previously held the role of being a representative for the Irish chapter in the International Association for Infant Massage. She represented Ireland at the World Educational Conference for Infant Massage, which was held in Paris in October 2016.


Aishling has extended training in massage for people who have been diagnosed with cancer and has helped many sufferers overcome debilitating stress throughout this difficult time. Aishling holds a very holistic approach in every treatment and offers her clients advice to help their physical well being where she sees fit. She works diligently and with great integrity at all times.

Aishling is an accredited member of the IMTA (Irish Massage Therapists Association), BMI (Baby Massage Ireland) and the IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage)

Qualifications: Diploma in Indian Head Massage, Swedish Massage, Certified in: LaStone Therapy®, Traditional Indian Head Massage, Cancer Care Massage Therapy, Thai Body Oil Massage, Thai Poultice Massage, Holistic Reflexology and Crystal Healing. Certified in Infant Massage Training, Pregnancy Massage and Orthopaedic Massage.


Renée Doucette is from Nova Scotia, Canada, where she received her massage therapy diploma from ICT Northumberland School of Massage Therapy in 2016 and became a Registered Massage Therapist. She worked for two years in a physiotherapy clinic, working with Physiotherapists and Kinesiologists to help rehabilitate clients to their active daily living.

Renée is trained in detecting and treating myofascial disruptive patterns, dealing with injuries to the connective tissue, which can limit proper movement of the body. She is also trained Suikodo, a light Japanese based energy work, dealing with the meridians of the body. In 2018, she moved to Ireland where she is continuing her career in massage therapy here at Samana in Limerick.


Colm Scanlon is a full-time Software Engineer living and working in Limerick, Ireland. He first became involved with Pranic Healing in 2007 and is a direct student of Les Flitcroft, the Director of the Institute of Pranic Healing U.K. and Ireland.

Colm was diagnosed with stomach ulcers and a allergies from a young age. A family member suggested going for Pranic Healing in an effort to help relieve these ailments. Considering his background and career in Computer Science, he was at first sceptical about the idea of energy healing but was willing to give it a chance. The dramatic and effective results he received from Pranic Healing sparked his curiosity to learn more.

As Colm saw his life transform through using the teachings of Pranic Healing, he began to help others discover and experience it for themselves. Through running his own private Healing Clinic and by lecturing around the country in various Pranic Healing Workshops and Meditation Evenings, he built an accomplished reputation. Colm is now a Senior Pranic Healer and an Instructor of Pranic Healing in Ireland.

Colm is a dynamic and engaging Instructor and his approach to teaching is practical, methodical and clear. This teaching style enables his students to easily understand the concepts and techniques of Pranic Healing and equips them with the skills necessary to utilise the teachings in their lives effectively. He is an established and highly proficient healer, having helped countless people improve their health physically, emotionally and mentally.

Colm conducts regular workshops on Stress Relief & Well being, Relationship Healing and Introduction to Pranic Healing. He also facilitates Group Meditation and  Children’s Meditation. He takes most pleasure in teaching Pranic Healing to empower people to transform their lives however they wish.

Contact Colm directly on 0851318596 or

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